New country emigration my life scenery. 年の差を超えて新田舎移住生活!

May 2009

Tabi of the good-bye "Rover mini."!


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小屋原温泉熊谷旅館 四つの家族湯の名湯
小屋原温泉 熊谷旅館 【秘境温泉 神秘の湯】

A trip of the good-bye!
I used this "Rover mini" for 20 years.
This car is not necessary for life in Kobe-shi anymore, and I cut car inspection, and "Rover mini" will be got to a cousin at the opportunity of the kite.
I went by two cars from Kobe to Shobara-shi, Hiroshima, and the return saw the sights of the Izumo district by one car by the route of the "Sannin" circumference.
Then I ate "Izumo SOBA"出雲そば「かねや」出雲大社御用達のお店 and went in Onsen in "an unexplored hot spring".

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New model influenza


にほんブログ村 地域生活(街) 西日本ブログ 神戸情報へ


The scenery that a white mask filled up the town of many people was a scene strange at all in Kobe-shi.
A new model influenza patient went out of Kobe first.
It strengthened the quarantine inspection in an airport and the port first to prevent the virus infiltration from the foreign territory in the policy of the country.
However, I did not isolate people with the virus of the influenza after all.
It did not have the means to check a virus anymore to have sent a bacteria carrier to the country at this point in time.

Byakugo-ji Kujyaku-wisteria


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Byakugo-ji Kujyaku-wisteria
It is an old historic temple of Tanba with the history of 1300, the wisteria in Tendai sect of Buddhism / 5 dasen Byakugoji .
There is the pond where the arched bridge where it is said to when it links the human world and the worldof Buddhism to the precincts appears, and the atmosphere is splendid at all. In the temple which a flower can enjoy through the four seasons, "Kujyaku-wisteria " of the beginning of May in particular is value of seeing.
The purple veil which I can thrust innumerable spikes exceeding 1m to a lot of wisteria trellises of full length 120m / 6m in width, and is huge and the scene that it was it are impression things.

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にほんブログ村 旅行ブログ ペット同伴旅行へ


The support that is concrete with a money mark and volunteer mind together is necessary for the people who live in the city if I want to really protect it.
The line of the visitor whom I went out today to eat a lunch recently in the popular "eggs and rice "=" Kamecchi dining rooms"たまごかけごはんの店 「食堂かめっち。」, but wait for and a half for three hours.
Because it was absolutely impossible, I "Soba-uchi, and three what young beautiful ladys who dropped in at "AKASOBA-TEI" nearby as for me came to the reputation in the training of the experience" from the city.
This was able to merely have exchange not sightseeing for me very much.
Then I was impressed to be about to leave "Tanada" of this district for a visit to nature of Okayama./色>

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Infiorata KOBE 2009


にほんブログ村 地域生活(街) 西日本ブログ 神戸情報へ

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It is festival of Italian each place with a thing it spreads a petal in a road and the open space, and to draw a picture on in the origin (it:Infiorata, the literal translation of Italian spread "a flower" all). As a symbol loving you to want to color a town with a flower beautifully, I get a hint in Italy, of the Rome prefecture Genzano city to heal the requiem of the earthquake disaster victim and the heart of hurt people, and it is performed every year in April from 1997.
The petal to use has been sent with the petal of the tulip which became unnecessary from Toyama, a production center of Niigata by bulb cultivation. It was held for the first time in an Azuma Sannomiya meeting place in 1997 and spread through the meeting place in Kobe-shi afterwards.



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