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September 2008

Bottleneck ecology

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参考(Petites notions de base pour le Bottleneck )

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This is made from the simple work that my friend is cut out the lip service of the wine bottle and created.
The bottleneck is a tool to emit the sound while passing through the finger when bluesguitar is played and doing the slide.
How of the sound for the extension becomes the marketed bottleneck and the difference becomes a far better sound.
Is this small ecology?

Respect-for-the-Aged Day


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It traveled to Tanba-ji on holiday of Keirō no hi.
Rain was a pleasant day at the early fall though it had fallen.
Because Onsen and Soba had adhered, I was able to be calm.

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Urgent inspection hospitalization

Emergency generation !!

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Youngest Basenji dog "Ziyi" of two years old eight month did not take meal for as much as three days and ..home doctor.. urgent inspected it in three that I kept dogs an uncertain cause. Because the shadow that seemed to be the object was reflected from the physician in charge in internal organs as a result of the roentgen examination, the exploratory surgery was ordered.
However, only the stomach is consequentially cut open the abdomen and a sick cause has not been understood.
The animal hospital of the limit and considering Tottori University was introduced in the home doctor. It shuttled, it took eight hours, it accepted from Kobe to Tottori at 9 AM, and it inspected for 7 hours.



It slowly made it to crawling home on one's eyebrows of the dog and the owner and coming near on the road to the hot spring.
Emergency this week.
There is a limit in the examination of the home doctor of the dog in the town.

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