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August 2008


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Tentaki flows in Mountain-HYONOSEN in the prefecture highest peak like falling from the heaven in great that boasts of head 98M(Ni year's measurement at the Heisei
era) and prefecture 1 to the source as its name suggests, is selected from the falling magnificence in the Ni age of the Heisei era, and it is selected to "Waterfall best 100 of Japan".

There is "Tentaki campground" in the foot of Tentaki. Here can open the doors in the expert year,
and is possible to report with the cellular phone even if there is no manager.
and doesn't exist about business hours.
Campers are few things in refreshingly, the comfort, and above all.
"Ichi gou Ichi e" and this value meeting by one site ,one night 。
Meeting of one per one village waits.

Reproachful moonlight

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I am doing the sea vacation of this year highest in sad feelings tonights.
Reproachful moonlight assimilates into the dark and the mind of "Sea of Nippon" and I am tried.
Do you possess?
Moreover, it has come to the Kyoto Tango peninsula this year.

A-shu Farm in ASHAGO

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Reference blog2あめんぼ通信

Because the name of a place said to the screen of the navigation of the car on the way in going to "Izushi SOBA" eating, "ASHAHI" came out by chance, the thing where the family who had spent self sufficient life around here before existed was recalled.
A self sufficient country living, and ingredients such as rice are all organic and chemical free cultivations in the house and the hand making and the vegetable even if it says.
In addition, activity is done.
Life to which all things warmed to my today mind are condensed is spent.

From self sufficient mountain village?It is a Jomon farmer in all families.

Live in the village in the mountain with six children.

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It went out to "Yamato road" for the piling at Bon Festival.
"Happiness" must be found here.
There seems to be a good thing this time though I did not have good memories in land of "Asuka".
I will hold out in the summer of this year.

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”The NaraTo-KAE " has in one light candle in Japanese beauty that sees happiness, and begins to shine on the prayer of people who gather in Nara that is the ground of World Heritage.
The light of the wax candle that floats in the dark is fantastic and mysterious.
However, the tourist seems not to have come so much.

I do not do the thing going out to the sea to the leisure of this season foreign countries and summer.
Everyone thinks that it should know the thing of Japan more.
I believe that I cause economy and the home demand expansion and the upper layer education.

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