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July 2008

Shower of summer

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The shower of summer is pleasant.
Because the intense heat continues, and did not rain in Kobe at 35℃ or more every day,
we spend and are good in this until the evening.
Hereafter, I will want you ..shower.. to fall every day.

Satan's sweet


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It is busier than work because the event and the festival of summer increase when July comes,
alcohol is drunk every evening, and it is tipsy.
When midnight comes at such time, satan's sweet cake invites me. Recently, my weight has
increased by as much as 5 kg.

Unagi midsummer

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Doyo-no-usi is a day when it refreshes oneself eating Unagi at the hottest time of summer.
However, a counterfeit problem of the food label system is not limited to Unagi this year and the forgery of the home product becomes an appearing on the market problem super.
I have trusted neither the hypermarket nor the trading company for a long time.
Therefore, my eyes are always trusted, the price is confirmed, and it shops.
If I am necessary when harmful even if it understands, I separately buy made in China and made in Taiwan. Only the home product is chosen to our regret and it buys it now.
Because the amount of a necessary shopping is a little now.

Gregg Norman 53 years old

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全英オープン特集 ゴルフダイジェスト

Britain and Liverpool outskirts. Roiyalbarcdal G.C . The fight that puts the boast for four days is 137th The Open Championship「British Open golf」.
Foundation life Tiger Woods was absent, and the fight when everyone had the chance of the victory.
Though the victory was Harrington of 36 years old where V was accomplished 2 years in a row. It was not interested in me ..the thing.. at all.
The viewpoint of this year's The Open Championship is a revival of Greg Norman 53 years old even if it says very much.
Isn't his today mainspring does not remarry to Chris Evert of the former girl professional tennis player nor power of love in 2008?
You, do not defeat at aging!

Ashiya summer carnival 2008

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Hanabi seeing of the Ashiya summer carnival, the public peace is the best in Keihanshin, and the clientele is also elegant.
A young guest and the event are a lot.
It is a thing that here is the best that doesn't include the thing that the seeing place of the high-into-the air fire work obstructs at the edge of the water 。



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